ESbox 2nd Edition (final)

About ESbox

ESbox is an Eclipse Ganymede-based product that helps programmers to develop applications for Maemo platform using Scratchbox Apophis.

It supports C/C++ and Python programming languages with source editing, code completion, build, launch, debug, profiling, and packaging support.

ESbox may be used on all major platforms (Linux, Win32, Mac OS X). On non-Linux systems, you may use a virtual machine, or if you want, a remote Linux system, to host the Maemo SDK and Scratchbox. ESbox will transparently do all the work through that system for you.

Maemo 4.1 Diablo and 5.0 Fremantle SDKs are supported (older versions may work as well).

New Features

In ESbox 2nd Edition, you can:
  • Develop with for Scratchbox 1 and 2 in Maemo 5.0.x Fremantle SDK
  • Install ESbox from a full product archive, or install using Eclipse Update Sites
  • Run on latest Ubuntu Linux and Debian Linux hosts supported by Fremantle SDK
  • Run on Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X Leopard (Intel) using VMware, VirtualBox, and QEMU virtual machines to host Maemo SDKs
  • Support multiple Scratchbox 1 installations
  • Install Scratchbox 1 platform and target from scratch
  • Import Debian projects from Maemo repositories
  • Support debug and optimized C/C++ project builds
  • Autoconfigure Python interpreter settings
  • Update the apt packages used in Scratchbox and device to work with your project
  • Easily connect to your N800, N810, or N900 Maemo device with predefined connections for USB, WLAN, and Bluetooth PC connectivity
  • Explore your device using the Remote System Explorer
  • Flash latest device images to your Maemo device
  • Generate skeleton Debian package structure
  • More easily generate and install Debian packages
All Features

Latest Release: 2.0.0 Final

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ESbox Experience

star Integration

Perform Maemo programming tasks under an unique environment.

star Ease

Develop your application using an intuitive and friendly graphical user interface.

star Efficiency

Save your time and effort developing your Maemo applications with ESbox.

ESbox Screenshots

Create C project
Debug Local C project
Debug Remote C project
Install Scratchbox 1
Install Necessary Packages
Run VNC Viewer
Flash Images to Device