2.0.0M6 (Prefinal) release (2009/09/11)

This is the next to last release of ESbox leading to the final 2.0.0 release. It contains numerous improvements to the installation process, new analysis support, and tighter Maemo SDK help integration.

What's New since 2.0.0M5

ESbox-specific Improvements

  • Update support to Fremantle Beta 2 SDK.
  • Added Maemo VM image installer wizard. The wizard under File > New > Maemo Installers > Maemo SDK Virtual Image will help you through the process of downloading, extracting, and configuring a virtual machine for use with ESbox.
  • Added Hover Help support. Use the Maemo > Hover Help preference page to configure.

    (This feature is in Mica and PluThon too, but currently only support for C APIs is included, making it effectively an ESbox feature.)

  • Added Console coloring and error parsing support for autotools build steps. Also added detection of missing "doctools" package and attached a quick fix handler to such problems.
  • Moved ESbox FAQ to ESbox project page website, so it can be updated more easily.
  • Fixed: Improve validation in ESbox > Build Machines page. [#4452]
  • Fixed: Handle superfluous errors when checking "sb-conf current" [#4936]
  • Fixed: Scratchbox 1 processes cannot run synchronously using "run.sh" script [#4350]
  • Fixed: Progress view: Starting maemo AF 30% info stays forever [#4441]
  • Fixed: Extra root password request on manual virtual machine [#4379]

Common (Mica) Improvements

See the Mica 2.0.0 prefinal release notes.

Known Issues

  • As discovered when fixing [#4237], and still present in [#3755], it may be difficult to build projects or create Debian packages on Mac OS X, especially after "make clean", because the version of Samba shipped with OS X 10.5 is lacking a fundamental bugfix that allows deleting softlinks. Convert any build scripts you have to use hardlinks or copying instead of creating softlinks, or manually delete such files from the host side to work around this problem -- or better yet, build and install an updated version of Samba. [Upstream reference]

Detailed changes

ESbox 2.0.0-I20090819

  • Hover help updates
  • Updated project templates to Fremantle beta 2 level (see Mica)
  • Updated project template categorization and behavior (see Mica)
  • Improved ltrace integration and installation

See Mica changes here.

ESbox 2.0.0-I20090806

  • Hover help support

    You can look up Maemo API docs in C/C++ editors. See the Help > Contents > ESbox > Using Maemo Hover Help topic to configure this.

    When you hover over a symbol (C APIs only, currently), a window will pop up centered on the documentation for that symbol. You can use F2 to make the window stay in place. You can also click a button in the window to open the page in an external browser.

  • New Pydev version (1.4.7). One big change is, the interpreter for the project is configured at project creation time rather than when you first launch. (Though we will revalidate the intepreter at this time.)
  • Added LTrace profiler/analysis view support.
  • Added Fremantle C++ project templates. (More improvements to come.)
  • Support Fremantle beta 2 SDK.
  • Improve behavior for controlling Maemo AF emulator [#4284]
  • Bugfix: Scratchbox 1 processes cannot run synchronously using "run.sh" script [#4350]

See Mica changes here.