Second Beta: 2.0.0M5 (2009/07/03)

This is the second beta release with some usability improvements over the previous beta. Most of the work went into refactoring the Mica architecture for reuse by other products than ESbox and PluThon.

NOTE: in this release, in order to make Mica independent of ESbox, some project natures had to be renamed. Any projects built in earlier releases will not work without being converted. Use File > New > Convert to Maemo C/C++ | Python Project to update your project(s). Also, existing launch configurations will have to be repaired or recreated.

What's New since 2.0.0M4

ESbox-specific Improvements

  • Warn user if running a program built with an SDK which is not compatible with the platform on a device. [#3995]
  • Ensure that X server is launched with proper parameters for Diablo or Fremantle [#4046]
  • Add support for Debug and Optimized build configurations in C/C++ projects. These work essentially by allowing for CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/etc overrides. [#3903]
  • Fix issues with custom make builder configuration [#3991]
  • Ensure that prerequisites for Python Debian packages are installed (python2.5-distutils) [#4128]
  • Fix problem creating Debian packages on OS X [#3955]
  • Fix problem compiling projects using softlinks on OS X [#4237]
  • Added Help > Maemo Links menu for locating useful documentation.
  • Add Convert to ESbox Python Project wizard, which will let you import Python projects
  • Modify Convert to ESbox C/C++ Project wizard to allow selecting the project type and builder type more directly
  • Improvements to Externalize Strings wizard (see Mica notes)
  • Improve error reporting in new C/C++ projects when indexer data cannot be configured (i.e. due to missing shared folder mapping) by packaging up errors into a single message rather than filling error log with each one

Common (Mica) Improvements

See the Mica 2.0.0M5 release notes.

Known Issues

  • Update sites from 2.0.0M4 (beta 1) are not correctly configured, so you may not be able to update properly. If you encounter problems, try uninstalling and reinstalling.
  • As discovered when fixing [#4237], it may be difficult to build projects on Mac OS X, especially after "make clean", because the version of Samba shipped with OS X 10.5 is lacking a fundamental bugfix that allows deleting softlinks. Convert any build scripts you have to use hardlinks or copying instead of creating softlinks, or manually delete such files from the host side to work around this problem -- or better yet, build and install an updated version of Samba. [Upstream reference]