ESbox is distributed in a set of ZIP archives that you can extract anywhere on your system to provide a full Eclipse Ganymede SR2 environment with ESbox and all its dependencies pre-installed.

This installation is upgradeable to new versions of ESbox using Eclipse Software Updates.

Product Archives

The archives come in two parts: one common archive, containing the bulk of the installation, and an OS-specific archive.

If your host OS is not represented, please use update sites for the best results.

Download the following archives:

Installing and Running

Extract and install the archives:

  1. Unzip the * and *-<host OS>.zip archive into the same directory of your choice.
  2. If using a Sun Java JRE, you may want to edit esbox.ini to adjust maximum memory usage (-Xmx, -XX:MaxPermSize).
  3. Run the main executable or script:
    • ./ (Linux)
    • .\esbox.exe (Win32)
    • ./ (MacOS X)